All PCX-250 Model Transcievers (ie. PCX-250 HF SSB, PCX-250 ES)


Modes of Operation:

Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier, (J3E) USB Standard, USB/LSB optional

Number of Channels:

6 standard, 12 optional (special order)

Crossband Operation:

Available on all channels

Operational Temperature Range:

-30C to +50C

Frequency Stability over Temperature:

2.5 parts per million (+- 20 Hz @ 8.0 MHz)1.0 ppm optional

Frequency Range:

3.0 MHz to 8.0 MHz (std); 2.0 MHz to 10.0 MHz (opt.) fully synthesized PLL (no coil kits)

Channel Frequency Increment:

100 Hz

Power Consumption:

RX 35mA average; TX 700mA average

Battery Capacity:

10 "D" cells (PCX-250) 12 "D" cells (PCX-250ES, PCX-250HP); alkaline type


H 10.5 in. x L 7.0 in. x W 3.0 in.


Power Output:

10W PEP (PCX-250)

Spurious Output:

Better than 53dB below PEP

Carrier Suppression:

50dB below PEP nominal

Intermodulation Distortion:

31dB below PEP @ 10 W PEP output

AF Response:

+-3dB 400Hz to 2500 Hz

RF Output Impedance:

50 ohms unbalanced

Transmitter Protection:

No damage with shorted or open antenna

ALC Control:

Limits power to 10W PEP maximum



0.5uV for 12 dB SINAD


2.2kHz BW @ 6dB down
4.5kHz BW @ 60dB down

AGC Control:

Audio output held to within 10dB from 1uV to 10,000uV

Image and Spurious Response:

Better than 50 dB

Clarifier Range:

+- 200 Hz

AF Response:

+-3dB 400 Hz to 2500 Hz

AF Output:

300mW Nominal

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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